For over a decade, Aaron has been working at the intersection of technology and real estate, developing software systems for property oversight, and using those very same programs to manage operations. Growing up in the outskirts of Detroit, Aaron got his start in the property preservation department of Flagstar Bank. Seeking out more fulfilling and meaningful grounds, he was attracted to the heart of the city by the lure of its startup culture. After helping a couple of small businesses set up operations, he joined Century Partners as an asset manager in 2018 and is now a project manager, working on special projects and overseeing the smooth running of their databases.

Aaron says the best part of his job is seeing the direct impact of his work, which ties him to something vaster. He is proud to be working for a company that pays homage its name, steadily partnering with individuals and communities to steadfastly improve real people’s neighborhoods. This sense of pride extends itself to being a part of the current moment in Detroit’s history as the city defies naysayers, and steps into its own new brand of modern greatness. When he is not building software, Aaron can be found in the kitchen, where his passion for cooking has led him to develop hundreds of recipes.