EJ is Century Partners’ Senior Asset Manager, bringing incisive skills, dedicated service and dazzling proficiency to a role that requires her to play a pivotal part in many layers of the company’s day-to-day operations.

Astutely intelligent, charismatic and clear-headed, the person who once believed she would grow up to be a fashion designer, now brings unapologetic amounts of style and flare to her job as she helps affect change in her home city. Working for Century Partners feels beyond special to EJ as someone who grew up in some of the same Detroit neighborhoods the company has invested in – watching blocks that were once ignored, become beautifully restored. A single, hard-working Detroit mom who has held jobs since her teenage years, EJ has never let expectations define her. The best metaphor for her, she says, is a tree: it is impossible to fit her into any box, her roots are deep, and year after year, she keeps on growing. The only limit is the sky.

EJ loves working for the team at Century Partners because of their devotion to building Detroit up to what she knows it should be, believing in its potential and voting with their feet through tangible actions and real investment. EJ understands that community buy-in is as important to the founders of the company as their bottom line is and she is committed to take steps so that her unwavering commitment to work and place will soon transform her from property manager to property manager and investor.