Back in 2015, Ishma, then a luxury real estate broker in his hometown of New York, describes watching in shock as one of his closest childhood friends, David, made a very public move from the Big Apple to the Motor City, quitting an elite job and lifestyle to co-found his own real estate development company in the heart of Detroit. He kept a close eye on the birth of Century Partners though and, trusting and admiring his friend’s gumption, was an early investor in the Company’s first real estate fund. Quickly, it became clear that the investment was not only performing outstandingly well, but that the opportunity for meaningful impact he was watching could include him more directly, too.

By the spring of 2018, Ishma had moved to Detroit to lead Century Partners’ sales and leasing efforts and co-found PREP realty, the company’s sister brokerage. He has barely looked back, falling in love with the incredible sense of resilience present in the soul of the city and its people. A self-described quintessential Caribbean-Brooklyn kid with his feet firmly rooted on the ground and a love of diversity, Ishma’s gift with people allows him to easily make genuine connections with neighbors and investors alike. He is as likely to be shooting hoops with kids on the basketball courts of Northwest Detroit as he is to be showing a new development on the Eastside or responding to questions in a suit for a segment on the evening news.

Ishma’s excitement towards investing in Detroit extends to the opportunity to directly support equitable neighborhood revitalization and build a brand that consistently shows hard-work, compassion, integrity and a strong moral compass. Becoming a father after his move to Detroit only strengthened his purpose, intent and drive.