As a child growing up in Detroit, Tommy credits God, his mother and his imagination with helping him not only survive but see beyond the reality of his surroundings. He dreamed of one day being an entrepreneur and an artist, and as he grew older, that dream narrowed into entering the real estate business and becoming a filmmaker. Today, after leaving his hometown for a few years and heading to the west coast, Tommy is back in Detroit, having been recruited as Century Partners’ Office Manager and a licensed realtor with PREP Realty. There, he works to support the team with his passion and skills, and is also being mentored to transform those dreams he once devised, so that he can take the steps to make them reality.

The importance of the work that Century Partners does is not lost on Tommy. He is especially aware of what such a company represents for young children growing up in his home city, who want nothing but safety, respect, and most of all opportunity. Watching and feeling Detroit turn around feels incommensurably special to this young visionary, who says his city helped make him relentless, tough and always able to get through things. If you can make it in Detroit, Tommy explains, you can make it anywhere.