Zishan is the Construction Manager at Century Partners, overseeing the multifaceted needs of a company deep in the growing process. His background fully equips him for these ever-evolving needs. Zishan grew up in East Lansing in a family immersed in real estate with his mother a property manager, and his father a construction manager. Following in their footsteps just made sense. He got his start at age 16 in construction and has never looked back. After working in and around his hometown for a few years overseeing the development and renovations of commercial and residential buildings for a family business,

Zishan moved to Detroit in early 2021 after being recruited to work with Century Partners.
Zishan, who goes by Z and is known for his gentle, reserved manner, takes pride in his hard work ethic, and consistency in performance and execution – traits he says he was taught from a young age. With a master’s degree in engineering from the University of Alabama, where he concentrated in sustainability, Zishan is acutely attuned to the evolving needs of the industry’s future. As he continues to pour his energy and skillset into ever bigger projects, he has also enjoyed discovering Detroit as a resident, experiencing the multiplicity of its entertainment and cuisine offerings.

With Century Partners, his favorite part of the job is getting to see a project all the way through from planning to completion: going from a home or building in need of a full rehab, handling and overseeing construction processes, to, on the tail end, talking to new, happy owners after they have just received their keys.